The Like ‎– Release Me


ザ・ライク 2010年作

The Like ‎– Release Me
A1 Wishing He Was Dead 2:53
A2 He's Not A Boy 2:35
A3 Release Me 3:03
A4 Walk Of Shame 2:15
A5 Narcissus In A Read Dress 3:43
A6 I Can See It In Your Eyes 2:44
B1 Fair Game 2:28
B2 Square One 2:08
B3 In The End 2:58
B4 Trouble In Paradise 3:04
B5 Catch Me If You Can 3:11
B6 Don't Make A Sound 3:18
B7 Why When Love Is Gone 2:39

Jacket EX (状態について)
Disk EX (状態について)
Number DWT70159-1
Country US
備考 ダウンロードコードなし